Located in the typical Cestello square, in the most genuine heart of Florence, Cestello Ristoclub immediately took a peculiar role in the nightlife of the Tuscan capital, offering a new and original way to go to the restaurant and especially to taste fish.
Inside the restaurant, indeed, there is a real fish market, where the customer can choose and buy the favorite species, and besides, he can decide on the specific cooking recipe.

The team of Cestello Ristoclub is ready to satisfy and "pamper" its clients by exhibiting in every dish - prepared with excellent ingredients and in full compliance with the Mediterranean food culture - not only competence and professionalism, but also a strong identity and irresistible feeling.Therefore, every single dish becomes almost ... a special event made up of little great surprises that disclose an unusual taste, rich in flavors and unmistakable aromas.

With its three different spaces, Cestello Ristoclub offers the chance to dine in vibes completely different from each other.
The interaction between space and design, the attention to decor and lighting, in addition to the fine cuisine, make the Cestello Ristoclub the right place.

Stylish and cool since the first sight, the guest of Cestello Ristoclub are welcome in the lounge area, with its impressive and linear counter, perfect for an aperitif or a drink after dinner, thanks to an American bar service until late at night.

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